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Ragnar Wireless

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ragnar Wireless Lanches today

Ragnar Wireless will be ready to listen to tonight GMT time.
On this episode there will be:
News about the Season 4 Renewal , Battlestar dvd Movie and the Magazine Watch.
Episode Reviews from Starbuckrocks , Lollywit and Viper Tech.
The Colonial News Fleet Coorparation News , Spoilers for the day in the life episode and how you can get invloved in Ragnar wireless. Plus a free extra special blooper answers on a postcard to what it is to Complaints Department , Colonial news Fleet Cooorparation , somewhere anywhere po box now where did i put that key , deep space , on the way to earth and by goodness Apollo is a Cylon.

If you have any comments on the podcast or want to get invloved then contact us the addy is or leave a message on the forum.

So say we all



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