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Ragnar Wireless

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Coming up from the Anchorage

Gooood evening fellow galactican's well tomorrow is the episode i think we all have been waiting for does she or doesn't she die. Ragnar wireless episode 4 will have all the news , episode dissection of the maelstrom episode and perhaps memorial of Kara Thrace.Episode dissection comes from Actual Cylon God , Cadet bopone and I have left my raptor and am in the mess primed for episode dissection. Spoilers from the son also rises episode and much much more.

Lined up for episode dissection for the run into the season 3 finale crossroads part 2 are:

11th March: the Son also rises
Viper Tech

18th March: Crossroads part 1

And the first brave member to offer opinions via audio on the podcast is drum roll


If you would like to follow wraith's footsteps and submit a cast then contact us on or leave a message on the forum.

There will be a special 1hr podcast for the final episode crossroads part 2 with look back on the 3rd season and 4th season speculation.

Ragnar Wireless will still be here in the off season every two weeks to keep you primed on news on the 4th season , spoilers and much much more.

So Say we all



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