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Ragnar Wireless

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ragnar Wireless Episode 2

Many thanks to all those who tuned into the podcast , coming your way for episode two is another feature packed cast loaded with galactican goodness.

First up the weekly news section , including more reaction from the renewal of the 4th season , ratings news and more.
The episode dissection of the day in the life episode is provided by Cowgirl , Bopone and myself.

Also in this weeks cast what has shocked Samuel T Anders in the Colonial fleet News. Also a new feature for the cast "what we have learnt this week."There will be spoilers from the Dirty Hands episode. If you would like to submit a 3 minuite audio cast let me know at the usual addy or leave me a PM (Private Message) at the forum. Please note a transcript will be available for episode 1 and 2 next week, apologies for the delay on the former.

So Say we all till next week.



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